Lena Nelson Dooley interviews Patricia Riddle Gaddis

by Patricia Gaddis on January 10, 2019
Tuesday, January 08, 2019 ESCAPE TO THE BILTMORE - Patricia Riddle Gaddis - One Free Book Welcome, Patricia. Tell us how much of yourself you write into your characters. At least 50 percent or more, (whether I realize it or not). What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done? Escape to the Biltmore by Patricia Riddle Gaddis I was asked to speak at a conference and stopped along the way to fill up my car with gas. As I went inside the convenience store to pay, the clerk gave

Biltmore dining, Christmas eve 1895

by Patricia Gaddis on December 19, 2018
Here is an excerpt of my new romance novel, Escape to the Biltmore available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. For a last minute Christmas present, a kindle gift certificate would be wonderful. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. “Merry Christmas, Anna.” She smiled, hoping no one could hear her heart that beat like a kettle drum. “Merry Christmas, Richard. It’s still cold, but at least we aren’t trapped in a blizzard.” He gestured toward the triple fireplace where huge logs blazed high. “The fire makes this mammoth room feel almost cozy.” Daphne caught his

Book trailer

by Patricia Gaddis on December 8, 2018
My new book trailer introduces my characters and their conflicts. Check it out.

Woman's World best new holiday books

by Patricia Gaddis on November 28, 2018
This holiday season, snuggle down with a great book featured in this week's issue of Woman's World Magazine. If you like historical romance, check out my new book Escape to the Biltmore on sale in Kindle and Paperback from Amazon. Other good reads are also featured for your  enjoyment.


by Patricia Gaddis on October 31, 2018
Dr. Anna St. James, the heroine in my recent novel Escape to the Biltmore is fascinated by the beautiful music of the mountain people around Asheville. To that end, I would like to remind everyone that Appalachian folk music is documented in the following fictional drama film. Songcatcher is a 2000 drama film directed by Maggie Greenwald. It is about a musicologist researching and collecting Appalachian folk music in the mountains of western North Carolina. Although Songcatcher is a fictional film, it is loosely based on the work of Olive

Women doctors in America during the Victorian Age

by Patricia Gaddis on September 28, 2018
Dr. Anna St. James is the heroine of my recent historical romance novel, Escape to the Biltmore. As a woman doctor in 1895 New York, she suffered discrimination and bigotry from men in the medical profession. Women doctors in America during the Victorian Age all suffered persecution and abuse simply for their attempt to be doctors. This practice was not isolated to America. British medical practitioners also excluded women from their ranks. A few brave  pioneers gradually opened the doors to the role of women in medicine. These actual historical heroes

Now available in paperback

by Patricia Gaddis on September 5, 2018
back cover Escape to the Biltmore by Patricia Riddle-Gaddis is on sale at Amazon also in paperback format. I am pleased to present this historical romance novel for your reading pleasure and I hope you enjoy it.

Introducing: Escape to the Biltmore

by Patricia Gaddis on July 26, 2018
Escape to the Biltmore Chapter One Grand Central Train Station, New York December 1895 A scream pierced the chill December air, freezing Dr. Richard Wellington’s descent from a hansom cab. Yards away, a woman stood in the path of runaway horses, her white scarf fluttering behind her like the wings of a frightened bird before a predator. Dropping his bags, Richard dove for the woman, catching her up into his arms. With a bone-jarring thud, they landed in a snowbank at the edge of the busy street. A roar of